You aren’t advertising to a standing army; you are advertising to a moving parade. (David Ogilvy)

We may like to think our websites and on-line ads are read fully and appreciated, but typically viewers scan for information they require and it is up to the content creator and designer to ensure accessibility and generate interest.

Successful advertising is salesmanship at its sharpest. If it is not directly selling, it is doing the important job familiarising your market with your products/services and making them more receptive to further communication. Once more, the skills of a web developer reinforce those of the web/graphic designer in ensuring your ad has visual AND measurable appeal.

Advertising should be a part of your long-term business strategy and the channels and frequency chosen largely depend on your business type and your budget.

Banner ads – in Jquery, Flash, animated gifs – integrated with SEO

Print ads – to all sizes, formats and publication requirements

Animated GIF

Client: CS Mantech

Format: Animated GIF

Flash Graphic

Client: Screaming Jax

Format: Flash animation

Flash Graphic

Client: P4D

Format: Flash

Flash Graphic

Client: Semiconductor-Today

Format: Flash

Flash Graphic

Client: Shireen Dew Design

Format: Email newsletter

Flash Graphic

Client: Veeco

Format: Flash banner ad

Flash Graphic

Client: Inkwell Media

Format: Email flyer coding